Cherry blossom

Everything is pink!! Literally! When the sakura( japanese name for cherry blossom) season is here, the starbucks coffee turns pink, the cocktails, even the coke bottle are pink . That is japanses cherry blossom for you. If you are in japan and you encounter this spectacular phenomenon, you are ine of the lucky ones; coz the window to see the blossom is very small. Cherry blossom lasts for only a couple weeks. The japanese every year share the possible dates when one can see these awe inspiring flowers. So dont forget to plan well in advance, coz naturally the ticket prices and the hotels skyrocket as the first flower blooms.

Ueno park is one of the best places in tokyo to see cherry blossom
Cherry blossom inspired cocktail
Even coke cant resist the pink
Starbucks in sakura
Ueno park

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