The land of the rising sun

The land of the rising sun, has so much to offer, that you’d wish the sun never set!! A good place to start is Tokyo, the capital city! There is so much to explore, that once you start, the city itself can take days and you still would’nt be done with it!

The robot restaurant

Robots form an integral part of Japan’s culture. The Robot restaurant showcases the love japanese have for technology. They have several shows in a day, celebrating using lights, robots, drinks and a story where good triumphs over evil.

The Shibuya crossing

One of the busiest crossings in the world, you cant miss this one. Head here for your favourite drinks, food and shopping. You can also enjoy a cup of favourite starbucks, which offers one of the best views of this crossing.

Onsen near lake Kawaguchiko

When it comes to hot springs, Japan offers endless options to choose from. you can plan a trip to Mount Fuji, and experience one of the hot springs with a view….

Want a drink with a view? The New York bar Tokyo has one of the best views in the city. You can enjoy your favourite drink accompanied with some Jazz.

View from New York bar-Park Hyatt Tokyo

Thanks to the high speed bullet train, an experience in itself, you can take a day trip to kyoto. Head here for a deeper insight into Japanese traditions. Once the capital Japan, it has a number of Buddhist temples. It is famous for geisha entertainers. You can shop for a Kimono. In tourist season the place gets quite crowded.

Sakura at one of the temples in Kyoto

The love hotels- unlike old times when only couples could rent love hotels, you can rent a room for a comfortable stay,especially if you are a woman traveling alone. they are safe and extremely convenient . Explore one just for fun. Some of them offer interesting themes and interiors with advanced technological features!


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