The world of Street Art

No limits to expression, no limits to imagination; that’s street art for you. Belonging to two landmasses separated by the pacific, the streets of Melbourne and Sao Paulo showcase the best street art in the world.

Street art around Degraves street-Melbourne

Melbourne- Take a walk to Degraves street, host to the world’s best coffee and breakfast, and you will find yourself stopping every now and then to click one of the world’s best street art, one of its kind. Melbourne is also famous for having the largest Greek population outside of Greece.

São Paulo- head to Batman Alley to see one of the most photographed street arts in the world.As per the locals, the alley was a dark one, so the street artists decided to paint the whole alley. The artists keep working on the art, so chances are you wont find the same art, the next time you are there.Sao Paulo has the largest Japanese population, outside of Japan.

Breaking bad
A piece by Eduardo Kobra, the most famous street artist in Brazil

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