Volcanoes-Craters that create

The red molten lava,the toxic gases,the ashes that can bury a whole civilization are some of the dangers related to volcanic eruptions.Historically volcanoes have claimed endless human lives and wiped out cities and towns.But like almost everything else,they have their advantages too. Volcanoes helped cool off the Earth,created the much needed atmosphere,and formed numerous breathtaking and rich landscapes throughout the Earth’s surface

Santorini caldera

Dining in Fira

The Petit Palace restaurant- Fira
Caldera view from Fira

The postcard scenery of this place will make you forget that you are over an active volcano.The island is famous for its view of the caldera, especially at sunset

The caldera cruise

Step into one of the cruise boats and you would be sailing over a volcano!Later take a hike on Nea Kameni, one of the volcanic islands.The island is uninhabited and has instruments monitoring the volcanic activity.

The lava fields-Iceland

Iceland is geologically the youngest country in the world. Being home to hundreds of volcanoes,its colorful landscape consists of lava fields which extend for hundreds of miles.Its not allowed to walk on these fields as most of them have sharp lava rocks.

The Black beach

Reynisfjara beach-Vik,Iceland

This beach is famous for its basalt columns and black sand which was formed when lava flowing into the Atlantic cooled down almost instantly.Next to the beach is the famous village Vik.

Mt. Batur

Situated in Indonesia,Mt. Batur and the area around offers extremely fertile land to the locals for cultivation.Take a trek to this magnificent active volcano for astounding views.


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