5 quaint monsoon getaways from Delhi, with the most breathtaking surroundings..

The first monsoon shower is here. The scent of the soaked earth,the crystal clear air(thank the monsoons, for bringing down that pollution) brings out your favourite book and some freshly brewed coffee. While that might be the ideal way to enjoy the respite from heat, these places with their old worldly charm, could change your mind.

1. Neemrana fort palace

An old fort turned into a hotel, neemrana is a quick getaway from the capital city. Just a two hours drive and you are at the footsteps of aravalli hills.

. No boarding a plane, checking in, checking out. The property hosts unforgettable hospitality. Check for special dinner at weekend. If you are lucky, you might catch a broadway show at the amphitheatre.

2. Kasauli

An old charming town, tucked away in the himalayan corner, kasauli os away from chaos and cacophony. An old church, a small market, smelling of fresh famous momos and noodles. 6 hours drive from delhi. The clouds are literally at your feet in monsoons.Stay in the 150 years old Kashi villa.

3. Udaipur

The venice of the East, needs no introduction. Situated over a man-made lake, stay at the Taj lake palace, for outstanding Royal treatment that would make you feel no less than a king.

4. Jaisalmer

City in and around a fortress, Jaisalmer celebrates rajasthani history food and culture like no other.

5.westin sohna

though a modern resort, the architecture and the landscape gives a countryside feeling. The spa is one of its kind..


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