Duoro valley- Port wine tasting…

This place changes the definition of wine tasting. Welcome to Duoro valley Portugal, home to the authentic Port wine.

Wine tastings are always fun, the sweet smell of vineyards, the wine tasting itself accompanied with fresh food produce.

Feburary is the so called off season here, yet we decided to give it a go. We were fortunate with the weather as a foggy morning gave way to a sunny afternoon. By Brunch our jackets were off and the sun shone bright over the spectacular landscape of this valley.


There was a time when people thought area to the south of the river is morocco. So when told to go south of river, they settled here, hence the name, Marocco.

We visited an old vineyard, owned and run by a family for generations-Quinta de Maroccos. They make and bottle their own wine.Strict quality control and regulations govern production of Port wine.

Next- The Brunch

An old railway station converted to a restaurant..

A second winery…. then cruise…


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