Jazz for the voiceless….

A saturday night is what the entire Gurugram looks forward to. A city neck deep in corporate culture, awaits the weekend to recharge the batteries for the coming week. The options galore, from clubbing taking a top spot, to a Jazz night taking a middle row.

One of these weekends we chose to explore the budding Jazz scene of the city. Little did we know, that music could be the voice of the voiceless, for the animals in pain. I had been lucky to explore the Jazz scene in Kolkatta, so the bar was set high. The place- The Piano Man. The quaint interiors were like a travel machine. A stage, a wooden staircase, The theatre-like seating added to the spark. The menu was modern and two bars ensured a continuous flow of cocktails. It was a rainy feb night. The show commenced and that is when we got to know that the show was dedicated to the animals suffering. As an animal lover it did catch my fancy. They introduced us to the organisation ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL. Over 700 animals have found home in this farm. A jazz night with a cause was perfect. The experienced musicians, an extremely diverse group made me realize how amazing my country is. In one corner of the captial city communal riots were make news. And here we were listening to music from musicians from all walks of life. It made me cry. 2 hours later we walked out with a smile on our face, and donating to make a difference in at least one of God’s beautiful creature’s life.


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