5 things to nail that lockdown

1. Read that classic…

Tired of doomsday tales? Open the boxes and dust off some of those Charles dickens classics. The sliver linings, the triumph over evil and some profound love for the World might boost your spirit.

2. Declutter…

Clear that closet to clear your mind.

Experts agree that decluttering has great psychological benefits. Arranging things in your closet and getting rid of non essential stuff in the house can bring peace and clarity.

3. workout

This could be your biggest stress buster. Exercise releases endorphins which are natural mood enhancers. So grab those dumbells and get going.

4. Eat healthy

Bananas, nuts, berries, dark chocolate. These are some of the foods that enhance your mood plus the health benefits.So give them a go.

5. Spend time with yourself

While the whole world faces a crisis, its time to pause and think what we did wrong. Time to fix things, press the reset button and start afresh. Brace yourself for a fresh start, new life, new goals. Rest assured that it will end!


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