Machu Picchu… How to get there. Where to stay, what to do and some fun facts.

If you are reading this, then this 15th century citadel is already on your bucket list. In this article i will cover how i flew across the globe just to get that perfect glimpse of this 15th century citadel.

1. BEST TIME TO VISIT- May to September is the dry season.If you are like me, travelling half the Earth to reach there, stick to the dry season. You will have limited time, especially on a day trip.So you dont wanna ruin your chances with rain and clouds covering the majestic view.Dry season is also considered best for trekking.

2. THE ITINERARY- Emirates airlines carried me to Sao Paulo. New Delhi- Dubai- Sao Paulo. A couple nights in Sao Paulo to shake off the jet lag. Then Latam carried me to Cusco via Peru. Cusco is the base camp for your adventure. It is known as the capital of Incas. Give yourself a day here to acclimitize. It is at 11000 ft. So dong go joggging around early in the morning the first day. Give your body some time. Walk around the downtown. Take time to unwind.

4. GETTING THERE – The drive from cusco to the train station is long. You will start pretty early in the morning. So carry some packed breakfast. There are multiple options available. You can choose from Peru rail or Inca rail. we chose to board The Expedition train from the Ollantaytambo station.

3. CHOICES- you can either do a day trip, a long mulitple days trek, or spend a night at Machu Picchu. It is always advised to prebook everything as the tourist season gets pretty busy. Dont forget it is one of the most visited places on Earth.

P.S. for more information check www. and

The train journey is absolutely stunning as you get a glimpse of the Andes and the open fields.

You arrive at Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu pueblo).From here a bus takes you to the entry point. If you have prebooked the whole tour a guide will help you through the tour. Otherwise find a local guide if you want to know it all about the this magnificent place. For tour way back you can choose from one of the options on the website. You can also choose to spend a night at Machu picchu.

5. ESSENTIAL INFORMATION- Dont forget to carry a raincoat, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, bottle of water.The entrance ticket comes with a limited time, so spend it wisely. TAKE A PICTURE WITH THE LLAMA. KNOW THAT ALPACA AND LLAMA ARE DIFFERENT. LLAMA IS THE NATIONAL ANIMAL OF PERU. If you are an extreme adventure junkie,You could try to climb the Wayna Picchu the tall mountain in the pictures. Check for permissions needed with the local guide. If you need more time at Machu Picchu, you can stay at the hotel near the entrance. Be ready to pay more, but it might be worth it.

WAYNA PICCHU – the tall mountain in the backdrop

6. LUNCH- on your way back, have lunch at one of the riverside hotels, Inka Terra for lip smacking Peruvian cuisine. There are some deliciousVEGETARIAN options available.


3 thoughts on “Machu Picchu… How to get there. Where to stay, what to do and some fun facts.

  1. Wonderful article- i now know the difference between Llama and Alpaca 😉 Can’t wait to travel to these beautiful vistas steeped in history.

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