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Welcome to our blog !!

Tired of hearing that friend boast of her latest trip? Looking for something different? This blog is all about tips to make your memorabilia DROOLWORTHY!

IF YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO PUT IN THAT EXTRA EFFORT BUT STILL WANT THE RESULTS, you are in the right place.Here’s all the muscle you need without picking weights!😊😊As an airline pilot i have always had a chance to travel, but hardly the time to plan or wonder where i wanna go!They say travel is the fuel for the soul, so all the hungry souls lets quench the thirst.

This blog is one stop shop for all your queries, during my wander lust , we have come across a multitude of experiences which we would like to share and make your travel an amazing experience.From eco- tourism, safaris, luxury tours, we have tried to explore it all.We also try to share the tips that’ll save you that hole in the pocket!

We believe one should explore, experience and evolve and celebrate the festival of life

So VIAKATION is calling where are you ..?

Machu Picchu