A jungle safari in the heart on India… Kanha national park

A wildlife safari had always been on the bucket list for us. So this Christmas, we decided to gift one to ourselves. Having battled the Delhi pollution for over a decade, I was skeptical about the existence of an ecosystem. My expectations were set on The Jungle Book.What could have inspired the magnificent writing. What made the Indian jungles so special.

Flight- 6e 774 DELHI -NAGPUR.An a320 carried us to the Nagpur airport and soon we were in our hotel pickup for the destination.We have always been a fan of Taj hospitality, so we book with BANJAAR TOLA-The Taj Safari.

We were greeted by the staff, waving their hands to welcome us. A quick flight of stairs and we were onto the deck, overlooking the banjaar river. The river served as a lifeline for the area. Also the jungle. Everything in the property was prepared from scratch. A fresh vegetable garden to reduce the carbon footprint.

Next was the luxury tent. With the most spectacular view of the kanha forest. a wooden deck of its own. The place was indeed tastefully done. Being our first stay of this kind, we were stoked.

Day 2


The swamp deer with 12 antlers, the mascot of Kanha National Park




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